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Trailbot 3.0 Now Available

Version 3 of the Trailbot mobile app is now live in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. This is a big update that reorganizes the 'feed' of trail updates into two major categories: Following and Nearby. These feeds replace the geographical state-based system (e.g Trailbot Minnesota, Trailbot Wisconsin, etc.)

Here is a summary of all the changes:

New: Favorites are now follows

Follow your favorite trails to view them in your feed. Your existing favorites have automatically been converted.

New: No longer need to pick a state, follow the trails you care about no matter where they are

As Trailbot expands to new locations around the country (and continent), the state-based organization no longer made as much sense. If you'd like to see all the trails in a geographic area, use the Map (top right of the main screen) and select the area there.

New: Nearby view shows you trail systems in your area

Discover new trails or find an alternate place to ride when your favorite trail is closed by picking 'Nearby' at the top of the main screen. This will show you trail systems near your current location and how far away they are.

New: Freeze/Thaw is now a status trails can use

Trail managers will see this option available to them when making updates soon.

New: You can now choose which units you'd like to see temperatures and distances in

For our Canadian friends who recently became our first non-US trail system providing updates to Trailbot at Trowbridge Forest in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

New: Sorting by distance shows how far each trail is from you

When sorting your Favorites by Distance or viewing the Nearby feed you can see how far away the trail is from your current location. Enable location for more accurate results. Your location data is never tracked, shared or sold.

Fixed: Report Issue can now be done from the trail screen

Rocking compact mode for the main feed? You may not have noticed the Report Issue flag icon had moved to the full feed view. It's now also accessible from the trail screen (flag icon, top right). We regret the omission.

Fixed: Users using large fonts should encounter fewer problems.

Find one? Let us know:

If you're enjoying Trailbot, please rate or review it in your app store of choice. It really helps when recruiting new trail systems to show them that riders are using and getting value from the app.

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